In like a lion, out like a virgin

Touched for the very first time 😇

Virgo season is (almost) here!

And the angels shall sing and the heavens will break open and we will be made pure once again! 🌼🌷🔆

Sarcastic Hermione Granger GIF

But not until Friday the 23rd. The lions have us for a few more days. 🦁

I love Virgos. Some of my best friends are Virgos. As a Gemini, I see them as fellow citizens of Mercury. Super smart, and completely beset by the anxiety that often comes with that intelligence.

But we are not the same. Where Geminis are scattershot, Virgos are precise. We are loquacious, and they are pithy. We care about getting it out there, and they care about getting it right. We are curious about data and they are overwhelmed by it.

For a Virgo, perfection is not impossible but infinite. They can see it so clearly, and they’re so cranky that no one else can.

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As we transition away from the era of lions to that of virgins, I wanted to focus not on their differences, but on what they share. The signs exist on a continuum, and when we move from one to the next, they leave their influence behind.

  • Proud (in different ways, of different things).

  • Will sacrifice their dignity for a reason (Leo for self-expression and their TRUTH, Virgo for the good of the job or a productive outcome).

  • Up on their high horse.

  • Both get hurt a lot. Leos may be proud and self-obsessed, but they are the sign of love itself. And love doesn’t happen without risking the heart, which means they open themselves up to the deepest cuts. And Virgos, though less romantic, sacrifice their bodies (and their sanity!) for whatever higher purpose they are serving.

In summary, Virgo season is the time to pay for all the indulgences of Leo season. You can strut if you can back it up, and Leo already strutted so now we have no choice but to back it up. In a sane world we would do this the other way around, but we're humans, and humans don't learn, and that's why we have cycles of drama instead of a straight line of progress.

Horoscopes for this very week

All times are Eastern, and for some reason, that makes me feel very exclusionary. I hate that if you live in another part of the world you have to translate these out. Ugh. I mean I’m not going to list out every possible time zone… although maybe I should? I have to think on it. Maybe my conscience will quiet down next week.

Monday 8/19:

  • It’s funny to write a horoscope when the day is half over, but the moon is in Aries, and so far I am feeling that. I woke up with ~250 ideas and tried to rush them all out of my head onto an email draft, but I kept thinking of new ones, so some are lost to me forever.

  • At 5:56 p.m., there’s a tough aspect between the moon and Saturn, which usually stresses us out about work we haven’t done or authority figures we don’t feel like bowing down to. Personally, I’ll take it to mean I won’t be leaving work right at 6 p.m.

  • Two minutes later, the moon and Jupiter are in good standing! Jupiter is good luck and getting out of conflicts with ease—so maybe I will be getting out of work on time! 😍

Tuesday 8/20:

  • At 4:33 p.m., I wouldn’t have an emotional conversation, or even any conversation. Because it might turn emotional. The moon is opposing Mercury, so misunderstands and hurt feelings and struggles to communicate are a given. Oppositions are tough aspects that usually incorporate other people, so you can kind of escape them (or at least deal with the struggle internally) if you literally talk to no one.

Wednesday 8/21:

  • Moon is in Taurus, which is stabilizing and harmonious and peaceful. Good.

  • A wonderful day! Too many good aspects to list, but here are just a few of the cast and crew working on your behalf today: Venus (love and money), Mars (energy and motivation), Mercury (communication and transportation), Jupiter (gifts and good luck), Uranus (originality and brilliance). This is an impressive roster of personalities to be getting along! There is nothing I wouldn’t do on this day.

  • Mercury and Jupiter are making sweet sweet love at 6:05 p.m., so if you were planning on scheduling an important conversation with someone you wanted to go extremely well, I would make it as close to this time as possible. Same for dates or outings or anything social.

  • Notable: Venus moves into Virgo, which is an invitation to fall in love with REALITY and hard work. I’m only a little bit kidding. Venus in Virgo finds satisfaction in details, fidelity, appreciating the little things, acts of service, and complaining—so if you’re paired up, keep it small, thoughtful, and USEFUL. If you’re not, you may find yourself delighted by practical, small gestures and people you can get together and BITCH with. 😈

Thursday 8/22:

  • Basically a fabulous day.

  • Great morning to get work done early with pleasantries exchanged between the moon and Saturn, your boss, at 4:57 a.m.

  • But later that morning it’s going to be tough to say what you want to say (or hear others saying what they want to say) with the moon and Mercury not getting along at 9:22 a.m.

  • Ooh, but then things get creative with the moon and Neptune in cahoots at 11:23 a.m., inspiring you to greater ambitions and quality artistic output. I have to make a note to write something then.

  • Finally, at 5:32 p.m., the moon and Pluto are very much friends at 5:32 p.m., which is like your deeper inner child getting long with your EVEN DEEPER inner adult. If you wanted to make an impact (either by giving advice to a friend or advocating for yourself at work), this is the right astrological blueprint for that kind of move.

Friday 8/23:

  • HAPPY VIRGO SEASON—it’s a grumpy ass day! 🌾 The moon is fighting with the sun (10:56 a.m.), Venus (4:17 p.m.), and Mars (5:19 p.m.), which is an all-day buffet of interpersonal conflict, romantic conflict, GENDER-based conflict. It’s going to be sharp and bitchy, and I’m seriously going to try to hold my tongue. But Virgo is a verbal sign, and I just… I don’t know. Whenever I don’t know how I’m going to approach a difficult day on the horizon, I try to let the prevailing astrological themes guide me. For Virgo, it’s not just about hard work (which, for me, tends to exist online via typing fingers), but about labor. It’s about the physical routines that keep us ALIVE. We can be brilliant, but we still need to shit. And eat. We all need to drink water. If I take care of the little things, I may be spared the vivisecting cruelty of the day. Or at least, I’ll be so strong that I may bear them. Virgo is all about preventative medicine—no spoonful of sugar necessary.

Saturday 8/24:

  • Mixed bag, this day is. The moon is in dualistic Gemini, so expect big swings.

  • Venus and Mars are joining up at 1:04 p.m., which is excellent for romance, SEX, fertility, chemistry, and I’m already jealous of anyone who is capitalizing on this aspect. I will not be having afternoon sex with anyone—but then again, it’s only Monday, so I don’t know for sure! This aspect is full of surprise and passion.

  • But speaking of getting lucky, Jupiter is opposing the moon at 1:53 p.m. Well well well—how our fortunes can change in an hour’s time. Jupiter punishes us when we’re too arrogant and lazy, so we may get called out on any bluffs we’re putting out there. You can either: 1) stop bullshitting altogether (unlikely, but a worthy aim), or 2) own up to it right away when you’re caught.

  • As if to reinforce the point, the moon is also squaring Neptune later that evening at 7:18 p.m. When Neptune is being challenged, it’s a lesson in hard reality vs. dreams, and we have to confront unrealistic expectations and remove the rosy goggles. We HAVE to! But it hurts, because Neptune, when all is well, powers our imagination and ability to make meaning out of this one little life we get. Neptune is drugs. Neptune is religion. Neptune is dopamine. And we need those things. But sometimes we’re asked to turn off the soap opera in our heads because we’ve gotten carried away. Again.

Sunday 8/25:

  • Nice relaxed day. Moon is cool with Mercury and the sun, which puts your ego, emotions, and mind all in harmonious balance. I kind of don’t believe that, because I personally have a lot of work to do and I expect a particular scary Sunday scaries, but, hey, maybe astrology is real after all. ☮

Sparkly aliens are coming 👽✨

Greetings from the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius! 🐟🌕

♒ I love Aquarius ♒

I cannot stop thinking about Aquarius because I just watched the Julio Torres HBO special, “My Favorite Shapes,” and it’s the most Aquarius thing I’ve ever seen.

As I’ve said before, Julio is an obvious Aquarius. He says so right up front, with his words and actions and everything about him. Whenever I need to explain an Aquarius to someone, I want to take out a little diorama of this space prince and say, if you don’t get this, you don’t get Aquarius.

This HBO special is everything. It’s abstract and whimsical. It’s got clean lines. It’s techy. It’s futuristic—both in aesthetic and in its experimentation with what the format of a stand-up special can be. It’s political, but through a deeply personal lens. It’s moving but not treacly. It makes you think, but it’s about feelings. 🧠💖

The Full Sturgeon Moon on Thursday, August 15

Then I was like, Kiki, how can you write an astrology newsletter when you’re so obsessed with Aquarius right now?

And I replied, Kiki, have you forgotten that the upcoming Full Sturgeon Moon on August 15 is in Aquarius? Your obsession is relevant.

See below for what I wrote about it last issue, when I was feeling much less enamored with Aquarius than I am right now.

Except that this Sturgeon Moon happens to be terrifying. First, it’s in cold-ass Aquarius, which is a sign dear to my heart but can be ruthless, dogmatic, and extreme.

Second, this moon is opposed to not only the sun, but Venus and Mars as well.

Let me reiterate:

  • The moon, our emotions and intuition,

  • is in opposition to—as in, nemeses—

  • the sun, our will and character and ego and soul,

  • and Venus, our love, diplomacy, and good taste,

  • and Mars, our drive and motivation to LIVE.


All full moons are sun vs. moon, so that’s nothing new, but this one is going to be especially tense for individual attachments, love, marriage, partnerships, and creative expression. Even if you feel it at work or through broader social forces (the decay of our environment and social infrastructure, perhaps?), it will feel very specific to you and your memories and the things you love. In other words, it’s personal.

I’m ready to be moved. And if I cry, may I cry glitter. 😭✨

Horoscopes for the rest of the week starting with TODAY

Quick refresher about what’s going on right now, Sunday, August 11:

  1. Jupiter is going direct for the rest of the year,

  2. Uranus is going retrograde for the rest of the year,

  3. and Mercury is entering Leo!

  • Jupiter is our source of luck and optimism, and we were paused on enjoying his bounty until now. He’ll bring the public goodwill for us to feel seen, heard, and understood with greater ease. He may bring money. He may bring someone to love. But Jupiter’s grace is unearned—it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it, but we have to remember that we don’t deserve it over others. Cultivating empathy and a spirit of generosity is the lesson. Do as Jupiter does, and give freely without expectation. Or at least don’t be a little asshole about your own riches.

  • Uranus is our originality, and so it’s time for us to stop inventing. Our focus for the rest of the year must shift to developing what is already in motion, not an endless series of Phase Ones. And remember, Uranus is in stabilizing Taurus, the long-term perfecter, so this is even more reinforced by that placement.

  • Mercury in Leo is just plain fun. It’s like a little extension for Leo season when the planet that governs our thinking and talking lingers in the sun’s sign. Leo is bold, simple, and all about (self-)love, baby. Make sure you listen to yourself during this time—you will be speaking the truth.

Here’s the rest of the week:

Monday 8/12:

  • The moon makes two strong conjunctions today, Saturn in the morning (5:53 a.m.) and Pluto in the evening (6:11 p.m.). With Saturn, your emotions may feel tied to how responsible you’ve been lately (uh oh…), and you may be prone to judging yourself harshly. But if you’ve got a lot of work to do, you’ll feel motivated to put your head down and do it well.

  • With Pluto, we’re anchored to our most primal desires, whether they be sexual or vengeful or glorious, etc. Pluto is our power, the pursuit of which can be isolating. But it can also be intoxicating, generative, and inspiring, and with the moon right there, you’ll be a magnetic force of nature.

  • The moon is friendly with Neptune at 11:59 a.m., which is always an excellent time to be creative, go for a long lunch walk if you can, and write down all the weird dreamy things you think.

Tuesday 8/13:

  • Chill day with the moon in Aquarius. I wouldn’t schedule something crucial before 11:35 a.m., while it’s void of course. Use the morning to finish up old projects, chores, or conversations.

Wednesday 8/14:

  • The sun and Venus are in cahoots at 2:07 a.m., which may be too early (or too late) for some of us to take advantage of, but it’s an excellent aspect for love, sex, or money-making plans. Stay up late Tuesday night talking to a LOVER. Buy silk pajamas if you can and want to.

  • Later, the moon is in a good angle to Jupiter at 4:37 p.m., which means it’s a GOOD time to share your feelings and be social.

Thursday 8/15:

  • FULL STURGEON MOON. See above.

Friday 8/16:

  • Mercury and Uranus are not getting along at 8:29 a.m., so expect some mental challenges and communication breakdowns. Your innocent intentions may be misunderstood, so don’t flap your mouth carelessly like you always do. (Kiki.)

  • The moon is a powerfully ally for Uranus at 1:11 p.m., so empathy and emotional intelligence will be key to untangling the knot from this morning.

Saturday 8/17:

  • This is a day of large cosmic harmony. It’s so nice to be able to say that about a Saturday! The moon is getting along with Neptune around lunchtime (12:09 p.m.), and then later with Pluto around dinnertime (6:34 p.m.). Neptune is about our dreams and the absolute heights of our imaginations, and Pluto is about our deep-rooted wants and needs. You may feel creative, ambitious in a healthy way, and maybe a little solitary, too. But it will be healing and so nice.

Sunday 8/18:

  • Mars enters Virgo at 1:19 a.m., which is a caffeine-boost to our productivity. Virgo is fearless when it comes to getting their hands dirty and getting things done—they are more scared of what will happen if it doesn’t get done. And Mars is the mitochondria planet, our engine of action and motivation. This is sure to be a productive season, but try not to lose yourself in competition. Mars wants you to win, and Virgo wants you to be perfect, and both of those things are, to some degree, an illusion.

Fine, it's August

August is like one whole month of Sunday scaries 😱

Okay, this August is special. Not just because it marks the entry into Virgo season (aka back-to-school time, aka the Monday of the second half of the year, aka still brutally hot out but now we work harder), but because it starts with a full moon and ends with a new moon.

Image result for gif sailor moons surprised

Usually it’s the other way around, but last month ended with a new moon in Leo, which for me manifested in a lot of fun and bonding, but was emotionally expensive. I’m broke, feelings-wise.

So with a new moon recently behind us, it means we have another stressful full moon ahead of us…

The Sturgeon Full Moon on August 15

The “Sturgeon Moon” occurs at the time of year when sturgeon fish are naturally abundant, which is almost always in August. It sounds a little intense and scary, I guess because the word “sturgeon” seems like a combination of “stern” and “surgeon.” Might be life-saving, but probably completely unpleasant, if not downright painful. But it’s just fish, so there’s nothing to fear…

Image result for tilda swinton lion witch wardrobe gif

Except that this Sturgeon Moon happens to be terrifying. First, it’s in cold-ass Aquarius, which is a sign dear to my heart but can be ruthless, dogmatic, and extreme.

Second, this moon is opposed to not only the sun, but Venus and Mars as well.

Let me reiterate:

  • The moon, our emotions and intuition,

  • is in opposition to—as in, nemeses—

  • the sun, our will and character and ego and soul,

  • and Venus, our love, diplomacy, and good taste,

  • and Mars, our drive and motivation to LIVE.


All full moons are sun vs. moon, so that’s nothing new, but this one is going to be especially tense for individual attachments, love, marriage, partnerships, and creative expression. Even if you feel it at work or through broader social forces (the decay of our environment and social infrastructure, perhaps?), it will feel very specific to you and your memories and the things you love. In other words, it’s personal.

The way to deal with full moons is to let go when you feel their pressure. Hanging on only makes it worse. But we have 10 days until the next one—plenty of time to prepare. Full moons always build their case slowly, so you will see it coming by the time you need to duck.

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Some horoscopes for this week

A few notes. One, all times are Eastern, and two, some of these aspects have already occurred by the time I got this newsletter out (sorry!). But I include them because all aspects linger a little after their peak, so their effects may still be relevant. They won’t be as strong, but you may feel their influence. I wanted you to know what was up just in case.

  • Monday 8/5: The moon is in harmonious, airy Libra. Probably a nice day for socializing. It’s getting along with Venus (2 a.m.), the sun (6:25 a.m.), and Jupiter (9:27 a.m.), and then later (10:26 p.m.) with Mars. This bodes well for connected, easy-breezy personal dynamics—maybe even with people you have to see every day but don’t necessarily get along with. But then the moon will form a hard square (all squares are hard, actually) to taskmaster Saturn (10:46 a.m.) and power-broker Pluto (8:50 p.m.), so you may feel down on yourself for not completing assignments or perhaps overwhelmed with all the work you have ahead of you. The way out of a difficult Saturn square is to practice progress, not perfection. It doesn’t matter how little you do; anything will make a larger dent than you will realize at the time. As for Pluto, well, he can be a mean fucker and hopefully you can avoid potential arguments and power struggles. Shut down your computer and take out a book, if possible. 📚🍵

  • Tuesday 8/6: Moon is void of course from 3:36 a.m. until 11:31, when it enters dark and sexy Scorpio. Fine. A morning for completing things that were on your to-do list from yesterday. But at 10:55 p.m., the moon is fully opposed to Uranus, which means we can get easily pricked by insensitive, asinine comments. Or that others could easily misunderstand your sense of humor as insensitive or asinine. It’s not a good day for connecting. Great for alone time, though. 🍃🍃

  • Wednesday 8/7: I don’t want to say this is a fucked up day, because there’s a lot of energy working for us. The moon and lucky Jupiter are enjoying each other’s company early in the morning (3:31 a.m.), which functions like an infusion of hope and optimism for the day. So that’s very good. But then we have some tough squares with the moon and Venus (10:01 a.m.) and the sun (1:31 p.m.), so I wouldn’t go near fights with significant others or communications with exes. Avoid the whole category of romantic love and you’ll be fine. As if to reinforce the point, the day continues with the moon in harmony with Saturn (2:02 p.m.), Neptune (7:16 p.m.), and Pluto (12:52 a.m. the next day), which are outer, non-personal planets governing bigger shifts. Saturn is about the structures and hierarchies that limit us, Neptune is about our imagination beyond the realm of reality, and Pluto is about things we desire so hard we will them into existence. So don’t worry about any individuals rankling your mood. Just keep your head down and your dreams big. 🤓📝

  • Thursday 8/8: The moon is void of course from 10:58 a.m. to 4:35 p.m., so again, it’s more about getting things done than brainstorming anew. The moon is squaring Mars (physical action) at 5:16 a.m., so maybe not the right time to go for a morning run. Focus on mental exercise instead. But the day gets way better, with with the moon and chatty, articulate Mercury getting along (10:58 a.m.), and beautiful Venus and lucky Jupiter also seeing eye to eye (4:27 p.m.). Not only will you be able to give voice to some deep emotions, you’re likely to find yourself in an environment where they are heard and received well. Hard not to be charming and gregarious (and FUNNY) with these aspects in play. 🤣🤣

  • Friday 8/9: This is a chill, pleasant Friday with a Sagittarius moon. Get outside if you can, because the moon is hanging out with Jupiter (cozy in its home sign) at 7:25 p.m. and then relaxing with Venus (love and money) at 10:19 p.m. Couldn’t be a better day for good luck with money, friends, lovers, or artistic pursuits. Or all of the above. 💖💵

  • Saturday 8/10: Moon is friendly with the sun (your very soul) at 12:39 a.m., but then grumpy with Neptune (intuition and deep creative power) at 2:12 a.m., but then grooving with Mars (energy and sexual drive) at 3:50 p.m., so this day is less about deeper, contemplative truths and more about moving your body and having some uncomplicated fun. 🎈🎈

  • And then there’s Sunday 8/11… 😱👻

    Image result for grim reaper gif

    Look. Sunday is a day of change. A lot is going on simultaneously:

    1. Jupiter will station direct for the rest of the year,

    2. Uranus will go retrograde for the rest of the year,

    3. and Mercury enters Leo.

    Jupiter has been retrograde since April 10, so we’ll enjoy a nice momentum boost when it comes to travels, philosophical breakthroughs, writing and publishing, and higher education. Jupiter helps us along, reminding us that the mistakes we make are never ultimately deal-breaking. What we cannot forgo is confidence, hope, and optimism. Plus it’s the planet of luck, so wherever he is in your chart—natal or solar—you’re likely to see some kind of windfall. Good!

    Uranus is a disruptive weirdo hanging out in earthy, immovable Taurus until 2026. His plans for innovating in this space will be delayed and under review, so think about some of the major changes in your life that have taken place in the last year. You won’t necessarily change course, but you’ll be given a moment (or the rest of the year) to keep adjusting. That can definitely be a good thing. Aquarians and Aquarius risings (like me!) will feel this slow-down most acutely, so prepare to be a little disoriented!

    Mercury! We love a non-retrograde Mercury, and now he’s emerging from watery, serious Cancer to enter loud, performative Leo. Party! 🎉 Mercury rules how we think and talk, so in Leo, expect a lot of big talk and then BACKING IT UP. People will expect a high degree of commitment and loyalty—after all, we’re all worth it. Strut like you own everything because a Leo thinks they already do.

Believing in astrology is ridiculous, and yet here we are. Until next week, when I am no less invested! 🥂 ✨

Lions and lions and lions, oh my! 🦁

Leos are cats

Meow, bitch, it's Leo season 😻

How fitting that the Lion King and the Cats trailer are out right now, given what season it is.

Image result for the lion king

Leos are musical. Leos are dramatic. Leos are camp. Leos are cats.

Image result for cats trailer still

Leos are natural theatre kids, and for that, I will always, always love them. I don’t care if they want all the attention. They deserve it. They know better than any of us what to do with a spotlight. And what’s better, they don’t conform to what an audience might want—even if it’s the audience telling them. They don’t compromise one iota of who they are, even if it means you won’t like them. That’s incredible for a sign that needs attention like Tinkerbell needs claps!

Image result for tinkerbell

Speaking of musicals, I did this sign roundup for Les Mis a while ago, and I still agree with myself that Eponine is a Leo.

P.S. Please note that I was ruthless to my fellow Geminis by giving us the insufferable COSETTE. Because sometimes Geminis are insufferable, and we’re all big enough to admit that. You’re welcome.

Image result for michelle pfeiffer catwoman

The horoscopes you want and need

  • Tuesday: Moon is in Aries, sun is in Leo, moon is getting along with Mars and Jupiter. This is a hot little morning for getting things done. Don’t be afraid to get ~physical~. Even if the work you do takes place through your fingertips onto a laptop, you will be able to harness this energy better if you get up, walk around, punch someone in the face. I mean someone who deserves it, of course, like a tall man who walks slowly. You’d think with their long legs they’d pick up the pace, but no. They are useless slow gazelles on the streets of New York. One thing: the moon is in a hard aspect (a square) to Saturn, the zodiac’s un-fun father figure, at 2:31 p.m. You could feel a little depressed, overwhelmed, unstructured, too structured, etc. It might be that an authority figure is cracking down on you. It may not be fair. The lesson here is to be pragmatic and compromise rather than get all fiery and iconoclastic. This is a lesson I’ve never learned, and my rebel Aquarius rising would never even entertain the advice I just gave to you all. May you fare better than I.

  • Wednesday: Moon is void of course (basically its version of retrograde) from 10:48 a.m. to 5:42 p.m. I would not change direction on something currently in the works. If you’ve got a show coming up and you’re tempted between those hours to just change everything—don’t. That goes for everything. Definitely don’t have a defining conversation with a friend where you lay out everything passive aggressive she’s ever said and why it bothers you and why it should bother you. Stick to what’s on the books—or return to something that was on the books—and you’ll find a more useful path. Also it’s a day of harsh aspects between the moon (which stand in for our emotions) and:

    • Pluto (power, jealousy, transformation),

    • Venus (love, beauty, money, diplomacy),

    • Mercury (communication, brainpower),

    • and the sun (life force, ego, will to rise up).

    Ugh. So a pretty 360-degree battle with ourselves (and possibly others). I’m going to be busy that whole day, but also maybe really bummed out? I don’t anticipate a flow state. Oh, except for one cosmic stoke in our favor: Mercury and Venus are in cahoots at 8:27 p.m. If you have a date, go for it, because you will be witty and sexy and so will they.

  • Thursday: This is a great day. The moon is in placid Taurus and will be conjunct brilliant Uranus at 6:16 a.m. If you’re in the mood to feel like a genius, you’ll have to get up pretty early. Or maybe stay up late, depending on where you are. The absolute best aspect comes later, with Mars, our energy and drive, and Jupiter, our good fortune and optimism, coming together in a most harmonious angle at 8:22 a.m. This will last and cast a rose-colored energy over the whole day. You’ll actually feel like getting out of bed, and you’ll be rewarded when you do!

  • Friday: Another lovely day? Why thank you, astrology. So glad this is real. (What am I doing? Am I really so afraid of just experiencing my life one day at a time that I seek out an ancient mythological framework to create the illusion that I’m in control? Yes. That’s it. Okay, carry on.) Seriously, this day is chill. Another calm Taurus moon, and it’s getting along with everyone: taskmaster Saturn, glamorous Neptune, formidable Pluto, and mercurial Mercury (I can’t believe I’ve never made that joke before; it was crying out to be done). You’ve got all the giants of the solar system on your side as you head into the weekend.

  • Saturday: Another blessed day. Venus moving into Leo is the true highlight, which is a very comfortable position for the planet of luxury and love. Both Venus and the sign of Leo have love built into their character. Venusian love is more about infatuation and desire, while Leonine love is universal and always comes from the sincere celebration of self. Venus’ sex appeal and ability to luxuriate in the finer things is right at home in the sign of self-expression and uninhibited joy of being alive. If I could run outside naked in the sprinklers without getting arrested and/or activating my discoid lupus, I tell you, I would. If you’re so inclined and you live somewhere with better laws and suffer no autoimmune skin disease, go for it.

  • Sunday: A day for thoughtful and perhaps vigorous mental reflection. Moon is in quick-witted Gemini but goes void of course at 11:25 a.m. for the rest of the day. The moon is also enjoying a lovely aspect to energizing Mars at 8:45 a.m. (I sincerely hope I will be energized in my undisturbed sleep at that hour on a weekend), but then it squares dreamy Neptune at 11:25 a.m. You might feel a little creatively blocked, and I think the way out on this day is through a more analytical, practical approach. My Gemini sun will be pleased to oblige.

Kiki in The New York Times! ✨

My writing partner Ysabel and I were published in The New York Times Sunday Review this weekend for a humor piece we wrote in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and I cannot stop bragging about it! Look at the gorgeous and surreal illustrations by Molly Fairhurst that accompanied it!

Let’s just say we aimed for the moon and landed among the MOON. 🌕

The moon is very much at large 🌕

Tuesday's lunar eclipse is basically Midsommar... 🌺🌻🌸🌼💮

The lunar eclipse is coming

Image result for midsommar gif

Yes, I am scared, and it’s basically starting tonight at 7:05 p.m. ET when the moon enters Capricorn, where it’ll stay until it’s full.

Reminder: All lunar eclipses are full moons, but not all full moons are lunar eclipses. That means this one is more powerful than the others.

The eclipse itself will peak on Tuesday evening, but these events don’t just snap into place and revert back. They build up, they culminate, they wind down. Full moons, and especially lunar eclipses, enact stress tests on some part of our lives to see if it breaks. If so, we have to say goodbye to whatever the thing is (a relationship, a project, CONTROL over someone, control over ourselves, an interpretation of a memory, etc.), and the consequences can be anything from a quiet drifting away or a cataclysmic rupture that leaves you bloody.

But good news! Full moons—especially eclipses—are usually not about surprises. It’s an emotional pattern that tracks the moon’s waxing path, so you’ve likely already been feeling and grappling with the issues this one will raise. Whatever’s been making you tense in the tummy is the thing. You can trust that now.

So it’s already go time. Get ready to CRUMBLE.

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I’m being too much of a fear-monger. We’re fine. We already have our assignments and know what to do. And then it’s over! The best thing about full moons is that they pass quickly. The moon is forever moving through its phases, so this one will last no longer than any others.

If you want a little more reading material on eclipses, this is a good summary from Queen Susan Miller, and then below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for InStyle on 2019 moons to watch out for (including this one):

The full moon in July, also known as the Buck Moon, the Rose Moon, or the Hot Moon, depending on which aspect of summer you want to highlight, is yet another lunar eclipse. This moon is in Capricorn and will oppose Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and luxury. It’s likely we’ll feel torn between what we value and what we can reasonably afford, and things we want may seem depressingly out of reach.

To mitigate this somewhat, the moon will also be in harmony with Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, the planets of limitations, glamour, and intense desire. That means that we’ll be as successful as we are resourceful, and if we can find a way to fulfill our needs within tight constraints (think DIY centerpieces or staycations) we’ll end up surviving this moon without much incident.

One little caveat: Mercury will be retrograde, so double-check all directions, ingredient lists, and texts. One cannot have too much certainty during this time.

Oh right, Mercury’s still in retrograde. Wish I could say I forgot, but I’m reminded by a looming tidal wave of technological delays and miscommunications. 🌊

Horoscopes for the week

All times are Eastern because I live in New York.

  • MONDAY: Moon is in Capricorn, and it’s basically ramping up to peak fullness and peak lunar eclipse. This day itself is fairly un-turbulent, with one fantastic aspect for creativity and mental clarity between the moon and Uranus at 7:08 a.m. I might do a crossword puzzle or free write or something to jog the mind first thing in the morning. Do something to shake up your marbles because you might be brilliant today!

  • TUESDAY: The lunar eclipse is here!!! 🚨🚨🚨 But first: the moon is opposed to Venus (at 12:42 a.m. the night before), which is love and harmony and DIPLOMACY, so you won’t be in a very conciliatory mood Monday night or Tuesday morning. This aspect will pass quickly, because these are two fast movers, but just know it’s happening. Then the moon is in a good, harmonious place with Neptune, which rules glamour and romance (or DRAMA and BETRAYAL—but probably not in this case since it’s a good aspect), Pluto, who is all about power and deep desires, and, most importantly, Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn, where this whole messy moon is taking place. It’ll be good to have the zodiac’s taskmaster-in-chief on the moon’s side for this one, even as it opposes the sun (note: all full moons are sun/moon oppositions). Then the LUNAR ECLIPSE HERSELF peaks at 5:38 p.m., so we get to enjoy its foreboding energy all day. Love that. (I don’t!)

  • WEDNESDAY: An Aquarius moon to cool us off! Good. Aquarius can be emotionally detached but mentally engaged, so if you’re like me and tend to intellectualize as a defense tactic (or trauma response), that tendency will be in full regalia today. With the moon opposed to Mercury at 7:39 a.m., expect peak Mercury retrograde fuckery to hurt your feelings. I picture people throwing tantrums and stress sweating to the tune of computers shutting down before you were able to save your work. Or just someone not passing along information you thought they would. Or sending half an email. Could be anything. Then at 5:44 p.m., the moon squares Uranus, which means you might get surprised by more technical failures or insensitive behavior from someone who should know better. Uranus is the next level of Mercury—where Mercury thinks, tricks, and communicates, Uranus knows, rebels, and invents. With this square, we may be presented with a new direction, and we may not like it. Embracing the new is a good way to deal with this aspect, but you may need a minute to really sit with how you feel. If you can, disengage and table the discussion.

  • THURSDAY: Finally, a really nice day. Not only are the moon and Jupiter, planet of good luck and bounty, getting along at 11:53 a.m., but then Venus and Neptune are highly simpatico at 2:03 in the afternoon. Just as Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so is Neptune to Venus, so it’s really advantageous to have these two working together. Venus is all about love, beauty, luxury, and diplomacy, and Neptune represents the transcendence of spiritual communion, glamour, and artistic vision. So this is a powerful time to work on something artful or creative, or even to express your taste through buying new clothes or getting a haircut. If you dream it, it will be realized. Oh, but one caveat: the moon is void of course (kind of like its retrograde) from 11:53 a.m. on today. So best not to start new big creature ventures but focus on the ones you already have. 🔮

  • FRIDAY: This is the most Mercury retrograde day of them all, because Mercury is crossing back into Cancer, having been in Leo for the past few weeks. You may feel hit with unresolved emotions or a wave of powerful nostalgia. With Mercury retrograde in Cancer, your wistfulness for the past cannot be overstated. Great time to revisit the books, TV shows, movies, or music from your youth.

  • SATURDAY: Calm and relaxed day, with a little potential for innovation or unique perspectives around 6:16 a.m. The dreamy Pisces moon might make you nostalgic or bring out your spiritual side. 🕊

  • SUNDAY: Last day of Cancer season, and it’s a mostly terrific day. The moon is friendly with Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus, which represent responsibilities, dreams, desires, and love. That’s a pretty broad swath of one’s life, so just know that you’re on pretty solid astrological ground considering it’s the eve of Leo season. One fantastic aspect is between the sun and Mercury, who are very much in cahoots at around 8:35 a.m. That’s very good news for anyone desperate for a break from the retrograde chaos (read: everyone). With Mercury and the sun aligned, it’ll minimize those issues and allow us all to communicate a little more clearly.

That is it for now. May we all have good luck this week. 🌕

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